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Business Risk Assesment | BBG

No Reward Without Risk

30 years ago on a rooftop in 1983, Steve Jobs posed the life-changing question below to John Sculley; as a final attempt to lure him to leave his role as marketing vice-president at Pepsi and join the Apple team.

“Do you wanna sell sugar water, or do you want to change the world with me?”

Professional decisions to embrace a risk is the fuel that keeps small business alive in Melbourne. As a small business advisor, I believe that embracing risk and committing to a challenge will help a business grow to be a leader in its industry.

As professionals and business owners, decisions to commit to a challenge will ultimately define your business as a market leader. I’s a risky journey ahead, but it instills a hunger in many global professionals. It’s why people launch start-up businesses, and how they make it a company from a garage.

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What does risk taking mean?

Each of these lucrative risks began with professionals and business owners deciding to bank on a risk. These ventures weren’t conceived in a boardroom either; they stemmed from everyday places. Take Youtube, born at a San Francisco dinner party where Chad Hurley and Steve Chen decided a better place to upload and share videos online was needed.

 Almost a decade later they are still market leaders.

Whether you’re an established small business owner or the employee of a small business, you don’t need to be the next Jobs, Hurley and Chen. You just simply have to accept the notion that in today’s society ‘normal’ will get you nowhere.

That doesn’t mean that you need a sales team with tattooed sleeves, invest $50,000 a month into online advertising campaigns and develop a mobile app.

All it means is that as a small business owner, you need to differentiate yourself from your competition.  Show your clients your unique value.

Every business has a distinct unique value. For some it’s their trusted service, or a specialized service which no other competitor does better. For others its simply a memorable slogan that stands out from the rest..

Whatever your business’ unique value is, find it, nurture it and use it to expand your profit growth within your market!

Find the confidence to take risks

Without risk taking, your business will go nowhere. But unnecessary risks can be a disaster for your small business. How do you know what is a ‘good risk’?

That’s where a business advisor comes in. A Melbourne business advisor will offer a unique and experienced perspective for your small business. Whether you just getting started, or finding that you’ve stalled, a small business advisor can give your Melbourne business a boost.

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