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Episode 14: Interview with Ben & Emma Stallworthy, owners of Pinnacle Health Clubs

Interview with Ben & Emma Stallworthy, owners of Pinnacle Health Clubs.

In this fantastic interview, Ben and Emma share the story of their business journey, the challenges they’ve faced and the successes they’ve had as they’ve grown from a single club to the four premises they have today.

This is a must-listen to episode for business owners, especially so for those in the fitness sector.

Ben and Emma discuss how they’ve dealt with the competition of bargain-priced gyms, the trend of 24/7 gyms and how they were able to address these challenges within their own business.

They share the importance of focusing on retaining their clients and how they empower their growing team to grow and take on new responsibilities which has given Ben & Emma the time needed to focus on growing their business.

All this and more in this week’s podcast.

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