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Episode 49: Leadership, Crisis Management and Having A Growth Mindset by Business Benchmark Group

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Episode 49: Leadership, Crisis Management and Having A Growth Mindset
We often think about crisis as a negative – but it can also often be considered a positive. In this brain stretch episode, Stefan explores how business owners need to recognise the difference between leadership and management, especially in response to a crisis.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to grow your resources, to understanding what is working, what is not working and to determine what you’re going to do about it.

A manager’s role is to manage those resources in order to get better outcomes, improve output and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

As a small business owner, you’re often required to wear both hats multiple times in a day, or even within an hour. As a leader, you need to recognise that there are two different mindsets you can have: a “cost of growth” mindset where you stay in maintenance mode, versus a “cost of opportunity” mindset where you’re in investment mode and actively looking to take your business forward.

It is up to you as a business owner to ensure you lead your business towards growth.

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