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Claim your 'Off The Tools Masterclass' valued at $997 and learn the skills you need to survive the COVID crisis

Are you worried about your how your business is going to survive the COVID crisis? 

Business owners are under significant emotional and financial stress – and the longer this crisis continues, the more uncertain you are about the future.

You’re not alone. We’ve worked with thousands of business owners over twenty years. We know exactly how you feel.

However, you CAN take control. You CAN feel confident about the future, despite the pandemic. You CAN still grow your business in during the pandemic. In fact, over one-third of our clients have actually GROWN in the last 3 months. 

That’s why we’re giving you free access to our “Off The Tools Masterclass” – think of this as business coaching in bite-size pieces.

Every day, I will send you a  new coaching video that will give you a plan to put into action. You will learn how to get control of your business and lead it through these tough times, no matter what is thrown at you. 


– Stefan Kazakis
CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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What you will learn:

Think of these videos as business coaching in bite-size chunks.  Every video is simple, short and to-the-point that will keep you inspired and focused on big ideas that make a real difference.

  • 3 things a profitable business owner must concentrate on
  • How to find the most profit in your business
  • Do you know who your most profitable customers are?
  • The six key questions to increase your leads
  • How to get more customers to buy from you
  • How to ask for the sale
  • How to hold clients for life
  • How to build a team you can trust
  • My secret weapon to mastering time + making money
  • Three Steps to Putting More Cash in Your Bank Today
  • The 5 levers to maximise your profit. Ignorance is not an excuse!
  • How to build a business that delivers your dreams

Success stories

Without tooting our horn too much, we will let you see what our clients have to say about their time working with us….

What our clients say

Meet Stefan...

For almost 20 years, Stefan has been helping small business owners who are dissatisfied with their lack of results or who simply want to accelerate their growth.

He specializes in educating and training owners to identify, plan and manage their business and build the business and life they dream of. He is considered an expert in his field and is known for mastering leadership and strategic planning when it comes to business.

Stefan provides the tools, strategies, and tactics to accelerate your business – and has written two books on the subject!

Unlike other coaches Stefan has the results on the board. For almost three decades, he has built and grown his own businesses. So the advice he gives, is exactly the same advice and strategies he uses in his own businesses. 

With Stefan on your team, the sky is the limit for your business.