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The ultimate guide to getting referrals.

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Free templates, tips and advice to get referrals 

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Articles: How To Build A Referral Strategy

Step by step guide to mastering the referral process.

Use Our Free Templates For Microsoft Word

If you're familiar with Microsoft Word, you can use our templates or create your own referral voucher

Use Canva.com to Design Your Voucher

Canva.com is a simple Drag & Drop online design program. with hundreds of templates to choose from for every purpose. ​

Download Whitepaper

How To Build an Effective Referral Strategy.


Damien Churton breaks down the referral process.

Get More Ideas & Inspiration

Get ideas and inspiration about the referral programs you can offer. ​

Blog Article Series:

How To Implement A Referral Strategy

Want more referrals? You get what you ask for!

The constant refrain in small business is that we all want more leads, we all want more business and we all want to know where to find them.

How To Network - It’s An Ongoing Process!

When I am out and about networking, I find it astounding that most people I meet seem to be giving up their valuable time without any real purpose or a plan.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth!

Like sales, networking is a non-negotiable skill for business owners if they wish to be successful.

Even if you don’t think you’re any good at networking, all you need to do is put in the time and effort and approach it in a logical way.

How to deal with your head trash when asking for referrals

Asking for referrals takes courage and overcoming your head trash is a big part of that process. People don't read minds and cannot tell what you are thinking, so you have to ask for what you want.

Why you need to show gratitude and surprise when you receive referrals (but no kickbacks!)

Showing gratitude and surprise is often overlooked when it comes to building a referral strategy. This is also a part of the process that leads to unnecessary ‘head trash’ which can hold you back.

Free White Paper. 

How To Build An Effective Referral Strategy in Your Business


How To Build A Referral Strategy

Damien Churton breaks down what it takes to build an referral strategy, 

How to create an effective voucher

1. Know your ideal target market

When you are using our voucher template you want to be constantly referring to your Ideal Target market and making certain that the voucher will work for them.

For example: If you are wanting to create a voucher for Builders who are looking for Plumbers to work on $500k civil jobs, what you will have to create is going to be very different to something that you would give middle aged home owners in Toorak who are looking to refurbish their bathroom.

Write down here a description of your Ideal Target Market that you are wanting to appeal to, and as a result WHO you would like them to refer to you:

Type of Business:
Type of Individual within the Business:
Number of Employees in the business:
Areas of specialism of the business:

2. Create the appropriate voucher

Create a voucher so that the person who receives the voucher (who is in your ideal target market) is encouraged to come to you and try your services.

3: How is this voucher going to work in your overall sales process?

Don’t forget: All we are wanting to achieve is to generate a lead and make it easy for our network to effect an introduction.

  • So how are we going to link the voucher to our sales process?
  • What contact information do we need for us to follow up the lead?
  • How is the person going to redeem the voucher?
  • How are we going to measure the success of the campaign?
  • What is our follow up process going to be?

4. Distribute the voucher

Now that we have done all the work, we need to consider how are we going to get the voucher out there into the marketplace? 

How can we get it into as many hands as possible, so that we get the maximum number of referrals?

  • Make a list of all our clients, and create a plan for how we are going to distribute the voucher?
  • How can our Circle of Influence distribute our voucher?
  • What Point of Sale displays can we create to help generate awareness of our campaign?
  • What other distribution channels can we utilise? (e.g. suppliers/mail drops/advertising)
  • How can we turn the distribution into a considered campaign, with multiple touch points for maximum effect?

Templates for Microsoft Word

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, we’ve developed some free voucher templates to use. 
Simply replace the images, insert your logo and edit the text.  

Use Our Free Microsoft Word Templates

Template V1

Add your own images and logo.

Document Size: 210mm x 100mm

Template V2

Add your own images and logo.
One Voucher per A4 Sheet.

Document Size: A4  (210mm x 297mm) 
Trim to 210mm x 100mm

Use Canva to design your vouchers

If you want to design a voucher, we suggest you use a tool like Canva.  

Simple drag & drop design tool
Hundreds of templates to use for every purpose

Free account available
First 30 Days Premium Free

Hundreds of templates to choose from!

Video: How To Design Using Canva

Approx 15 minutes long

This video shows you how to do all the basics in Canva. Or, just jump in and experiment!

How to Sign Up To Canva

Just gettting through the sign in process can be a little tricky. If you get stuck, here's a guide.

Step 1

Create Account

Sign in with your Google or Facebook account

Or click blue button to Sign Up with your email

Step 2

Click on “Small Business”

Step 3

Choose Pro or Free Account. 

Skip by clicking Maybe Later (top right)


You can register for Pro Account (requires Credit Card, but you can cancel within 30 days free)

Step 4

‘Start Your First Design’


Skip by clicking Maybe Later (top right)

Step 5

Find "Gift Certificate" Template

1. Scroll to the ‘Marketing’ Category
2. Click Arrow to scroll right
3. Select “Gift Certificate”

Step 6

Choose a design template from the pane on the left.

Step 7

Click on the page you want to edit. Start editing. Add photos, your logo and change the text. 

Watch the video guide if you get stuck. 

More design alternatives...

Get a Freelance Designer

Outsource the design to a freelance designer. Some sites to find them include:


More Online Design Tools

If you have an Adobe subscription, you can use the online Canva-like design tool, Spark.

Use Free and Paid Templates

There are thousands available online for programs like Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, etc.

Premium templates can be found at graphicriver.net

Ideas & Inspiration

We have had many people ask us what should be offered on a referral voucher. The answer is that you don’t need to offer anything!

If you deliver high quality outcomes for your clients that exceed their expectations, then the voucher can simply be used as a tool by your referrer to help people recommend you to their network.

However, vouchers can often have a higher success rate if you offer extra value, discounts or gifts for the referrer, referee or both.

Referral Incentives


Competition / Raffles

Prize Giveaways 

Tickets to events

Gift Certificates

“Store Credit” Voucher

Free SWAG!
T-shirts, Mugs, Bags, etc.

Complimentary up-sell offers

E.g. Electricians
Offer a free test & tag 
Free Energy Audit

Landscapers and gardeners
Offer free tree pruning.pressure cleaning.

Make it Easy


“Bring a Friend Along” Promotion

Business Cards

Fridge Magnets

Branded Pens


Social Media Messages



Surprise & Gratitude



Movie Vouchers

Restaurant Gift Vouchers

Take them to dinner or an event

Food hampers

Gift vouchers