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Staying in control during unpredictable times

As thousands more Australian businesses entered lockdown again this week, and with the majority of the Australian population in lockdown as I write this, there is understandable frustration, exhaustion and confusion among business owners and the wider community.

The short time between lockdowns in Victoria has made it even more challenging for small business owners. 

Not being able to predict what effect the virus, health authorities or government policy will have on your business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, is tough for any business to handle. 

However, as always, we must only focus on the things that are within our control.

It’s very easy to be consumed with everything we are seeing and hearing across social media, our tv screens and in our daily conversations, but we must keep our feet firmly on the ground and focus only on that which matters. 

10 things to do right now to shift your focus

Here are 10 things you can do to shift your focus right now that I personally use, shared with me by my own business mentor in challenging times:

Shift your focus from yourself to others

Shift your focus from your service to your relationships

Shift your focus from the sale to creating value

Shift your focus from what you can’t control to what you can

Shift your focus from your threats to your opportunities

Shift your focus from the future to your present

Shift your focus from what you were to what you will become

Shift your focus from what’s happening to how you can respond

Shift your focus from your losses to what’s currently available

Shift your focus from complaining to being grateful

These are principles that apply in every area of life, including business.

You need to be totally focused on what’s important and what you can control.

Take leadership of what you can control – I hope at this point you already have contingency plans ready for situations like these – but if not, start now. Focus on the essentials your business needs right now to ensure that trading continues throughout this period.

Don’t listen to your head trash that fills you with unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Hold yourself accountable, take control and focus on what you need to do.


Be flexible and proactive

Take the opportunity right now to be proactive and communicate with your customers.

Show them that you care, and build upon your relationship with them – as mutual support with your best clients will ensure we all get through this together.

As you make plans for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022, ensure you have contingency plans for all the “what if” scenarios.

Do the required thinking and planning now, so that if a similar scenario occurs, you’re not caught on the backfoot. You’ve already thought about how to react, the repercussions that would occur and the most important things to pay attention to. 

Right now – more than ever – we are going to need to be as flexible as we can as to how we operate.  Be brave, dig deep and take control. Reach out to support – and be supported by – others around you.  Think logically, plan strategically and decide what needs to be done. Then do it – and hold yourself accountable. 

Client Only Event – This Wednesday

If you’re one of our clients, make sure you check your inbox for details of the “Vaccinations and the Workplace” special event on Wednesday 11 August.

Power to you!  

Stefan Kazakis 

CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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