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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

The past 18 months has been a really tough period for business owners. Mentally, we’ve had to be strong and resilient throughout in order to lead our business through the turmoil.

I think all of us have had our doubts at some stage. Some of us have probably even thought of throwing in the towel. There’s no shame in that, these times are tough. 

But as business owners, there is one thing we all have, and we must continue to have: self-belief.

It’s being tested, for sure, but we’ve proven to ourselves again and again that we can meet any challenge thrown at us..

We need to keep that positive mindset and self belief. Keep the promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes. You must expect and demand it of yourself.

You’ve heard me say it often; if it were easy to run a business, then everybody would be doing it. 

Everyone would be running million-dollar businesses, driving fancy cars and going on holidays every other month. But it’s not easy. We know this. So, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and have a true inner belief.

Discipline and determination is the glue that holds everything together, and everyone in your business, from the top down, needs to have this in their DNA.

As business owners, we likely already “naturally” have high levels of self-confidence and self-belief. This is often affected by our habitual way of thinking from a young age.

But that is not to say that we will always have high levels of self belief, nor that you can’t actively build upon it – it just means our thought patterns are often formed at a young age, so changing these takes a lot of personal development and work.

Improving your self-confidence and self-belief requires tapping into your inner strength and knowing that you can get the results you want and deserve. You have a responsibility to tap into that every day. This will be your key to success.

Most of our conscious behaviour is determined by our unconscious mind. So, work every day to make your unconscious mind and your thought patterns have a positive effect on your life.

As I’ve shared many times before, this concept can be represented like an iceberg.


Going from this example, your beliefs, values and your identity are all under the surface. They may go unnoticed. You cannot physically see them.  They can’t be quantified or measured.

What people see is your behaviour and actions, and your results are the product of the decisions you make and the actions that you take.

But these are all determined by your identity, values and belief.

This is why it’s vital to cultivate positive thought patterns, having strong self-belief and taking action everyday to develop and strengthen these areas. You need to work just as hard on yourself as you do on your business.

As Henry Ford once said…


Power to you!

Stefan Kazakis
Founder and CEO
Business Benchmark Group

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